Miley Cyrus Releases Emotional Song and Video “Used To Be Young” as Tribute to Fans

Miley Cyrus has unveiled her latest emotional offering, the song and accompanying video for “Used To Be Young“. This track, dedicated to her devoted fans, marks her return after the release of her eighth album, Endless Summer Vacation, earlier this year.

Cyrus reflected on the origins of the song, revealing that the lyrics were penned almost two years ago during the inception of her ESV (Endless Summer Vacation) era. She expressed that the song’s evolution parallels her own growth, both artistically and personally, over the past 18 months. The song’s beauty, according to Cyrus, lies in its perpetual evolution and its unapologetic unfinished quality.

The essence of “Used To Be Young” revolves around self-honoring, self-love, and embracing transformation. Cyrus shares her sense of pride in her past, optimism for the future, and gratitude for the unwavering support of her fans, whom she affectionately refers to as the force behind her dreams. The song is a tribute to this dedicated community that has made her aspirations come to life.

The accompanying video of the track carries immense emotional weight. She described how the video blends technology with poignant nostalgia, as she uses a unique method to interact with her mother through livestreaming technology. As they share a dance, Cyrus found herself moved to both tears and laughter, capturing authentic emotions that she believes are rarely showcased in the current media landscape.

Cyrus had previously shared her intention to take a hiatus from touring, explaining that the decision aligns with what is best for her at this moment. This latest release marks a continuation of her musical journey and a profound connection with her audience.