The Killers Announce Upcoming Single “Your Side Of Town”

The Killers Announce Upcoming Single "Your Side Of Town"

The Killers, one of the prominent bands in the music industry, have revealed their plans to release a new single titled “Your Side Of Town.” This fresh track is set to be unveiled later this week, specifically on Friday, August 25, 2023. The announcement follows the band’s teaser of an enigmatic black and white video that showcased a dancer adorned in carnival-esque attire against a desert backdrop, generating curiosity among fans.

Through their official social media channels, The Killers confirmed that the forthcoming single is indeed “Your Side Of Town.” They also provided a pre-save link for fans to anticipate its release and shared the accompanying artwork. The band expressed their enthusiasm by stating, “Hello everyone, with much excitement we present you with ‘Your Side of Town.’ It’s got the ghosts of a lot of synth music that inspired us over the years. And yet somehow feels completely our own. Now it’s yours! Turn it up.”

This upcoming track will be The Killers’ first fresh material since their standalone single from 2022, titled “Boy.” Frontman Brandon Flowers shared insights about Boy during an interview at the Mad Cool festival in Madrid the previous year. He described the song as having a connection to his roots and revealed that it played a role in catalyzing the creation of their 2021 album, Pressure Machine. Although “Boy” did not make it onto the final album, Flowers emphasized that its omission was not indicative of its quality but rather an aesthetic choice that aligned with the record’s overall direction.

Drummer Ronnie Vannucci added that “Boy” had a distinct character, while Flowers highlighted its optimism. He described the song as being situated “in the dust, it’s in the gutter, and it’s looking at the stars. It’s writing in more of a new wave vehicle.” Regarding new music, Flowers shared that the band had been exchanging ideas and engaging with their producers, hinting at more releases in the near future. While the complete album is anticipated to arrive early next year, fans can expect further musical offerings from The Killers this year.

The Killers‘ most recent album, Pressure Machine, was released in 2021. Praised for its character-driven and contemplative approach, the album signaled a significant shift in the band’s sound as frontman Brandon Flowers reconnected with his roots after years of producing energetic and bombastic music.