PARADOXXX: exxy! ‘s Trailblazing Debut Mixtape Lights Up The Rap Scene


Emerging from Los Angeles, the rising rap star, exxy! has unleashed his debut mixtape PARADOXXX, which has soared beyond expectations. Among its tracks, the standout “NVR FELT THIS” showcases his latest musical creation. With this newly dropped album, listeners gain a glimpse into the artist’s commitment over an almost year-long period, during which he experimented with different sounds.

“NVR FELT THIS,” a powerful collaboration with underground rapper Lunchbox, introduces the album’s core essence. exxy! goes all in, infusing the track with intensity, showcasing his bold attitude and captivating charm. The hook boldly embraces challenges, highlighting the artist’s fearless approach to difficulties. Exploring raw emotions, the lyrics promise an enthralling adventure into his distinctive sonic realm.

Aside from “NVR FELT THIS,” PARADOXXX bursts onto the scene with an impressive lineup, featuring tracks such as “W.H.S.W.G.H.,” “VAMP GIRLZ IN THA SUN,” “SØ DUMBB,” “NØTHING LASTS 4EVR,” “MAK3 IT WORKK,” “HMS,” “FALL FRØM GR4CE,” “FUK THA REST,” and “COCAINE COWGIRLS.” The record, introducing exxy!’s distinctive style, injects fresh vitality into the genre, rewriting the rules with its unparalleled arrangements and beats.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Run-DMC, Beastie Boys, and A Tribe Called Quest, exxy! skillfully developed his unique flair and expanded his sonic boundaries. Immersed in the soundscape, he vibed with both established icons and the underground scene. With PARADOXX making waves, he is ready to solidify his status as a rising star to watch. But his journey doesn’t halt here – he continues to release a steady flow of new content, complete with a compelling video for “NVR FELT THIS.”

Listen to the full album below: