Courtney Barnett Unveils Captivating Cover of Chastity Belt’s “Different Now”

Courtney Barnett Unveils Captivating Cover of Chastity Belt's "Different Now"

Australian singer-songwriter Courtney Barnett has delighted fans by sharing her rendition of Chastity Belt‘s 2017 single, “Different Now.” This captivating cover is set to be released as a part of a 7″ single, accompanied by Kurt Vile‘s interpretation of Chastity Belt’s “This Time of Night.” The vinyl and digital single is scheduled to be available on October 27 via Suicide Squeeze.

“Different Now,” an integral part of Chastity Belt’s third album, I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone, receives a fresh perspective through Barnett’s artistry. In a statement, Barnett expressed her affinity for the song, stating,

“I remember when the album came out and I listened to ‘Different Now’ over and over, I thought they were singing directly to me.” This poignant connection inspired Barnett’s rendition, and she further shared, “I love Chastity Belt. I’m pretty sure we met in 2014 at a record store in Seattle, then we toured together in 2015 and we’ve been friends ever since.”

Courtney Barnett on a blue couch

Barnett’s cover journey for “Different Now” took an intriguing twist as it evolved from a folk acoustic version to a more dynamic soundscape. Collaborating with Stella Mozgawa, Barnett infused the track with programmed drums, creating a compelling sonic experience. The recording process exuded joy as Barnett and her team tracked the cover straight onto the Tascam 388.

The Suicide Squeeze 7″ single release holds a special charm with a limited vinyl pressing of 1,500 copies. These copies will include 1,000 on blue wax, 250 on pink, and another 250 on standard black, ensuring a unique collector’s item for fans and music enthusiasts.

Chastity Belt, the band behind the original version of “Different Now,” are celebrated for their musical journey. Their most recent full-length release dates back to 2019, and they are currently preparing for a special 10th-anniversary reissue of their debut album, No Regerts.

Courtney Barnett’s evocative cover of “Different Now” not only pays homage to the original but also showcases her ability to infuse her distinct style into established tracks, enriching the musical landscape.