Miles Kane ‘s “One Man Band”: A Mixed Bag of Brilliance and Potential

Miles Kane, a well-known figure in the indie rock community with a diverse musical background, returns with his latest album, One Man Band, following the release of Change the Show in 2022. Collaborating with artists like Blossoms‘ frontman Tom Ogden and The Coral‘s James Skelly, Kane aimed to create tracks suitable for festival stages. Lead single “Troubled Son” and the title track “One Man Band” deliver energy with euphoric choruses and catchy riffs, catering to the live crowd. However, beyond the initial excitement, the album leaves some room for improvement.

Yet, when Kane hits the mark, he truly shines. Tracks like “The Best Is Yet To Come” boast wiggling basslines beneath sultry vocals, evoking an empowered sensation. “Never Taking Me Alive” exudes feral energy, referencing Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro and encouraging a rebellious attitude. Additionally, “Heal” showcases Kane’s vocal prowess with a sleazy and creeping sound.

Kane’s versatility extends beyond zippy indie rock. “Ransom” stands out as the album’s highlight, reminiscent of Alex Turner‘s Submarine EP and Blur‘s “To The End“, offering a slick, immersive, and beautiful experience. “The Wonder” also impresses, featuring a psych-rock solo that oozes confidence and charm, suggesting the direction Kane could have embraced for more festival bangers.

On the other hand, some tracks fall short of expectations. “Scared of Love” feels stuck in a loop, with false starts and a lackluster ending. “Doubles” brings a jaunty indie-pop vibe, enjoyable but ultimately forgettable, while “Heartbreaks (The New Sensation)” fails to leave a lasting impression.

In conclusion, One Man Band presents a mixed bag of musical experiences. With nearly two decades in the industry, one might expect Kane to have a more definitive and unique identity. When he hits the right notes, he delivers uplifting and imaginative indie tracks, but the album lacks consistency in achieving this potential. Nonetheless, One Man Band showcases glimmers of brilliance amidst a variety of styles and sounds.