Bethany Cosentino Embraces New Territory with “Natural Disaster”

Bethany Cosentino

Bethany Cosentino, known as half of the indie pop duo Best Coast, has embarked on a solo journey with her debut album, Natural Disaster. The decision to go solo came after a period of self-reflection and soul-searching, leading her to question her life’s direction and whether she owed anything to others or everything to herself. The result of this introspection is a collection of 12 tracks that embrace sunny, pop-rock melodies with hints of folk-rock and Americana, paying tribute to iconic female songwriters like Sheryl Crow, Bonnie Raitt, and Jewel.

Produced by Butch Walker at his Nashville studio, Natural Disaster explores the delicate nature of life, the passage of time, and the complexities of love through a pop-folk-colored lens. The album’s title track reflects the early days of the pandemic, capturing the internal struggle of feeling that nothing matters anymore while simultaneously realizing that everything matters even more. Twangy, bright guitars accompany Cosentino‘s vocals, setting the tone for the album.

It’s Fine” adopts a ’90s radio hit vibe, blending rock-and-roll with country pop arrangements as Cosentino sings about past seasons wasted on a relationship, reminiscing about them through pink flowers in the rearview. “Outta Time” takes on an anthemic quality with pedal-steel work and mandolins, conveying a sense of urgency in the search for signs and the inevitable passage of time, backed by a powerful chorus and a gripping guitar solo.

The album’s closing track, “I’ve Got News For You,” delivers a vulnerable message through a stripped-back demo form, letting the fragile piano ballad speak for itself without masking its emotions. Cosentino‘s heartfelt lyrics ponder the risks and rewards of love, expressing fear and optimism simultaneously. Each track on the album shares this bittersweet sentiment, creating a cohesive and emotionally resonant experience for listeners.

In May, Cosentino announced her solo debut on the same day Best Coast announced their “indefinite hiatus,” a bold decision that has paid off with the release of Natural Disaster. Embracing change and taking risks can be scary, but as Cosentino stated, the rewards on the other side can be magical, and her solo venture proves just that. The album showcases her growth as an artist and her ability to craft captivating music that speaks to the human experience.