Royal Blood Debuts New Single “Pull Me Through” on BBC Radio 1

Image of royal Blood singers of Pull me Through

The British rock powerhouse, Royal Blood, made up of Mike Kerr (vocals/bass) and Ben Thatcher (drums), has introduced a fresh track, “Pull Me Through,” on the BBC Radio 1’s Future Sounds with Jack Saunders.

Pull Me Through” is the second song released from the forthcoming album, “Back To The Water Below,” scheduled for release on September 8, 2023. The team-up of Kerr and Thatcher is the driving force behind the song’s composition, while the duo’s own production work breathes life into the track. The official music video, a complementary art piece to the song, was orchestrated under the direction of Polocho.

Kerr discusses the meaning and essence of the song, saying, “Pull Me Through” is ultimately about giving up on persevering alone and finding strength in asking for help. It’s a song that is driven by the lyrics and melody, as opposed to the riffs doing the heavy lifting. Despite being piano-led, it feels very much like a missing limb to our artillery and a track we’ve been eager to perform live.

In conversation with Saunders, Kerr reveals more about the creative process behind the track. “I think we kind of let the song dictate where it needed to go. It was conceived really by being sad at the piano and kind of writing in a very traditional way. So we kind of felt like, that was the skeleton of the song really. And it was a different approach for us, because it felt like our parts and our playing were kind of supporting the song, and letting the song kind of be the thing that holds it together.”

He adds, “I think one thing we’ve learned is kind of over the years that it does require more confidence to do less. And I think there’s a few other songs on this record that we’ve made that, I guess just try a little less and have some a bit of breathing room and just the confidence to kind of believe in the songs enough to not overdress them or overwork that.”

The album features a collection of 10 tracks, all produced by the band themselves.

Sharing insights on the album, Thatcher conveys, “My mind was saying it’s got to be film new and fresh. And Royal Blood is whatever comes from muster, you know, and it’s wherever those emotions are, how we’re feeling about those times, come out in us and come through our music. And so that’s, that’s where we’ve gotten to with this record, and it feels, there’s a depth to it. And it’s exciting.”

The much-anticipated album “Back To The Water Below” is shaping up to be a work of innovation and transformation, as the duo push their boundaries and delve into new territory.