Afterglow Breaks New Ground with Single “Petrified”

Image of Afterglow singers of Petrified

Afterglow, a distinguished metalcore ensemble hailing from Mexico, has unveiled their latest single, “Petrified,” on July 11, 2023. The band, a powerhouse of talent with Erik Monsonis on guitar, Albano Arce handling vocals, Mariano Fuentes on bass, and Aruh keeping the rhythm on drums, has followed up their April release, “Nothing In Between,” with this new pulsating track.

Petrified” has been meticulously crafted by the duo of Monsonis and Arce, who took up the dual roles of writers and producers. The team successfully composed an intense number that offers a rich fusion of catchy tunes and hard-hitting metal riffs. Afterglow shares this masterpiece as an invitation to their listeners to immerse themselves in a journey of liberation from the chains of past memories that seem to linger.

In a social media post, the band invites their audience into a musical exploration of their past, using the lessons learned as a guide to venture into an uncertain future. “Petrified” offers more than just a melody; it delivers a message of resilience and hope, emphasizing the role of mindfulness and intentionality in our daily pursuits. The band wrote, “Immerse yourself in this fusion of captivating melodies and bone-crushing riffs, as we delve into the struggle of breaking free from the clutches of haunting memories.” They added, “’Petrified‘ invites you to confront the past, drawing strength from its lessons to navigate the uncertain path ahead. With a message of hope and resilience, it emphasizes the importance of mindfulness and purpose in our pursuit.”

Afterglow, with their latest release, continues to create thought-provoking music, stirring the emotions of their listeners while challenging them to confront and make peace with their past. Through “Petrified,” the band sends a powerful message of hope, resilience, and the courage to face the uncertainties of the future.


Afterglow is a Mexican metalcore band composed of Erik Monsonis (guitar), Albano Arce (vocals), Mariano Fuentes (bass), and Aruh (drums). Known for their explosive melodies and powerful lyrics, the band seeks to connect with their audience through music that sparks deep thought and emotion. Since their inception, Afterglow has been impressing the metalcore scene with their creative dynamism and profound messages.