Hot Milk Releases New Track “BLOODSTREAM” on BBC Radio 1

Image of Hot Milk singers of bloodstream

Manchester’s alternative rock sensation, Hot Milk, recently showcased their latest single, “BLOODSTREAM,” on BBC Radio 1’s influential show, Future Sounds with Jack Saunders. Composed of Han Mee as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Jim Shaw on lead vocals and guitar, Tom Paton on bass, and Harry Deller on the drums, this quartet offers an invigorating blend of rock.

BLOODSTREAM” marks the third release from their much-anticipated debut album “A Call To The Void,” set to hit the airwaves on August 25, 2023. The track is the creative concoction of James Shaw, Hannah Mee, and Zachary Joseph Cervini. Its unique, electric sound was perfected under the production of James Shaw, Zakk Cervini, and Philip Strand.

When discussing the genesis of the song, lead vocalist Han Mee revealed that it was created in the small hours in Los Angeles. “It was written in its entirety in the haunted early hours in Los Angeles. We started it in the early hours just as it was home time… immediately we knew that this song was something different for us yet had come from nowhere. One of them rare moments where the song jumped from the ether and wanted, nay needed to be written.”

Speaking further about “BLOODSTREAM,” the band stated, “This is one of them songs that just wanted to be written. We plucked it out the ether. It came to us and it just came out. So naturally and so fast in the earlier hours in LA. And honestly like the summer, in this song, it’s different man. It’s built different and it’s one of my favorites off our debut album. We can’t wait to share it with you.”

The upcoming 11-track debut album is set to feature Julian Comeau and Loveless as guest appearances, creating an anticipation among the fans and the music industry. This album not only marks a significant milestone for Hot Milk, but it also promises to cement the band’s place in the alt-rock music scene.


Han Mee, the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the band Hot Milk, has always been drawn to music. Her distinctive voice and penchant for emotionally charged lyrics have helped Hot Milk make a name for themselves in the Manchester alt-rock scene. Mee’s soulful rendition and engaging stage presence are a testament to her passion for music, making her one of the most compelling figures in today’s rock music.