Young Love, Music, & Dreams: An Exclusive Interview With Giselle Niemand On “Lovers Do”

Picture of Giselle Niemand “Lovers Do”

Emerging South African talent, Giselle Niemand, aims to resonate with both the younger and older generations with her latest release, “Lovers Do.” Conveying the emotions and experiences of both young and rekindling love, the 13-year-old singer, model, actress, and dancer, collaborates with multi-platinum songwriter and producer, Emmanuel “Manny” Mijares along with Stefan Benz and Tyler Conti.

In our exclusive interview, Giselle discusses her new single and explains that Manny guided her in expressing herself and connecting with her audience. She feels blessed to see her music being heard by people on an international scale and hopes to spread love and positivity through her songs. 

Giselle also hints at her upcoming single, “Later,” which will have an edgier pop style and encourage listeners to act on their feelings. As a multi-talented artist she admits that she enjoys the arts as a whole and finds balance by staying organized and efficient. Despite her young age, she navigates the challenges of the industry with the guidance of her supportive family and friends.

Your latest release, “Lovers Do,” was collaboratively written by Stefan Benz, Tyler Conti, and Manny Mijares. Could you share your contribution in the creation process and how you ensured it reflects your identity as an artist? What message were you aiming to convey with this song?

My song “Lovers Do” was created with the very talented team of artists Stefan Benz and Tyler Conti and producer Manny Mijares, who diligently guided me in expressing myself through the song. Manny is very creative and equipped me to be able to convey my emotions through the song and to truly connect with my audience as a young artist. I think my song is created in such a way that the message portrayed through my song will be received by the younger generation finding young love but also the older generation that’s rekindling love or falling in love again.

Can you provide some insights about the music video accompanying “Lovers Do” and how it aligns with the overall message of the track?

The music video of “Lovers Do” is a typical school locker scene where it indicates how distracted you can be when you are in love. You cannot think of anything else besides the person that you want to be with. I enjoyed filming it and was joined by the best dancers in Hollywood, Cassidy Nader, Sydney Thomas and Lexi Soleil Hernandez. It was also my 13th Birthday and Manny and his amazing team surprised me with a birthday cake and celebration. It was the best birthday ever.

What was your experience like collaborating with Emmanuel “Manny” Mijares and how has it influenced your music? 

Collaborating with Manny Mijares has been a world class experience. Manny is super creative, skilled with extensive knowledge of music production and has a high degree of integrity. Manny has been the biggest drive behind my musical ability because he believes in me and he motivates me every day to continue to follow my dreams.

With the song quickly gaining recognition and climbing online charts, how does it feel to see your music resonating with audiences on an international scale?

I feel highly favored and blessed to see my music resonating with audiences internationally. Love has an important impact on our well-being and quality of life and romantic love exists in all cultures. If I can share love to the world, and encourage listeners to love each other in every possible way, then I know I have made a difference.

Can you give us a glimpse of what we can expect from your upcoming release, “Later,” and how it will differ from “Lovers Do” in terms of style and themes? 

My next release “Later” is also an edgy pop song and a strategic follow up to “Lovers Do.” It pushes the audience to make that move and feel the adrenaline rush that comes from acting on feelings. I am so excited about the video release, I love it and the way Manny produced the different scenes in it.

As a multi-talented artist involved in singing, modeling, acting, and dancing, how do you balance these different creative pursuits, and do you have a particular passion that stands out among them?

I enjoy the arts as a whole and I think they all contribute to each other. Singing is definitely my first love, but I enjoy modeling and I am modeling for CHICK this September at New York Fashion Week. I also hope to star in a big action movie. I love acting and I enjoy the challenge of portraying different characters. It’s all so much fun. But in order for me to balance everything it’s important to stay on track with my schedule and make sure that I am prompt, fast, effective and efficient.

At just 13 years old, how do you navigate the challenges of the industry while also maintaining a sense of normalcy and embracing your inner child?

I take every opportunity as a blessing and want to ensure I do my best. My mom is a dynamic woman with experience from all walks of life and she guides me through the challenges. Having a support system is so important and I am grateful to have support from my family and friends. I feel like I am maintaining a sense of normalcy, I play Barbies and Minecraft with my younger friends and I play PlayStation and enjoy sleepovers with my older friends.

Check out the music video below:

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