A Decade Later: Matchbox Twenty’s “Where the Light Goes” Out Now

Picture of Matchbox Twenty "Where the Light Goes"

American rock band Matchbox Twenty has made a triumphant return to the music scene with their monumental fifth studio album, “Where the Light Goes,” released on May 26, 2023, by Atlantic Records. This release marks the band’s first album in over a decade, following “North” in 2012, and stands as a significant achievement in their storied career.

The band’s hiatus was ruptured with the first single from the album, “Wild Dogs (Running in a Slow Dream)” which immediately reintroduced us to the Matchbox Twenty we remember, and then some. The album, meticulously produced by Gregg Wattenberg, and handled collaboratively with band members Paul Doucette and Kyle Cook, echoes with the sounds of rock but also beautifully folds in elements of pop and soulful ballads.

The narrative behind the creation of “Where the Light Goes” makes it even more momentous. Initially identifying as primarily a touring band that would intermittently release new songs, the COVID-19 pandemic’s consequential tour cancellations urged the band to return to the studio. Kyle Cook’s suggestion to create a new album to compensate for their prolonged inactivity resulted in this gem – a gift to fans worldwide.

The twelve-track album kicks off with “Friends,” a song that immediately immerses listeners in the world of Matchbox Twenty. The catchy and soulful tune “Don’t Get Me Wrong” stands out, having received praise from Variety. The album’s title track, “Where the Light Goes,” is a love letter to the band’s enduring appeal and influence, while the heartfelt and personal “Queen of New York City” reveals the depth of the band’s songwriting prowess. “No Other Love,” featuring Amanda Shires, showcases the band’s versatility and ability to collaborate with other talented artists.

Throughout the album, Matchbox Twenty’s inherent ability to create relatable and impactful songs shines through. The tracks, with their distinct melodies and intricate lyrics, resonate with listeners’ personal experiences, eliciting a deep emotional response. Each song tells a story, the lyrics painting vivid pictures that remain etched in the mind long after the song ends.

“Where the Light Goes” encapsulates the journey of a band who navigated the tides of change, and in the process, further cemented their place in the rock pantheon. Their album is a potent reminder that good music will always find its way to the hearts of listeners, and Matchbox Twenty has indeed brought the light to the rock genre with this release.

Their successful return with “Where the Light Goes” proves once again that Matchbox Twenty’s light still shines brightly in the world of rock music. Despite the challenges they’ve faced, they’ve managed to deliver an album that stays true to their roots while also pushing their musical boundaries. 

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