Unveiling “Holocene’s Origin Bon Iver’s Hazelton B/W Liner” Now Digital

Bon Iver Singer of Hazelton B/W Liner

Justin Vernon, the innovative mastermind behind the acclaimed Bon Iver, has enthralled his global fanbase by unveiling the original song that eventually evolved into the mesmerizing “Holocene“. The news is breaking out across the internet, with Vernon announcing the digital release of the elusive “Hazelton B/W Liner” as part of a forthcoming box set.

“Every great song has a genesis. For “Holocene”, it was “Hazelton B/W Liner”. Delighted to finally share this journey with you,” shared Vernon on his Twitter account.

This revelation traces back to the initial days of Bon Iver, preceding the monumental success of their eponymous album under the Jagjaguwar label, which catapulted the band to international stardom.

The unveiling of “Hazelton B/W Liner” has stirred a wave of fervor and excitement on Instagram, as both music critics and fans embark on a journey of auditory exploration, dissecting this newly unearthed gem, comparing it with the final masterpiece that is “Holocene“.

The original track, bathed in the quintessential ethos of Bon Iver, presents a more unpolished yet equally captivating soundscape. It’s a raw, soul-stirring precursor that hinted at the brilliance “Holocene” would eventually unfurl.

“It’s like beholding the bare bones of a masterpiece,” a fan remarked on Bon Iver’s Facebook post. “In its own right, “Hazelton B/W Liner” is a stunning piece of art.”

About Justin Vernon

Justin Vernon is a Grammy-winning singer-songwriter, globally recognized as the driving force of the indie-folk band, Bon Iver. Vernon’s music, known for its ethereal soundscapes and emotive lyrics, is an exploration of life, love, and human complexity. His innovation in songwriting and genre fusion has set him apart in the contemporary music scene.


Q: What is the original song that led to “Holocene”?

A: The song ‘Hazelton B/W Liner’ by Justin Vernon is the original composition that inspired “Holocene”.

Q: Where can I listen to “Hazelton B/W Liner”?

A: Justin Vernon has made “Hazelton B/W Liner” available digitally for the first time as part of an upcoming box set.

Q: When was “Holocene” released?

A: “Holocene” was part of Bon Iver’s self-titled album released in 2011 under the Jagjaguwar label.

Q: What makes Justin Vernon’s music unique?

A: Justin Vernon, the force behind Bon Iver, is known for his ethereal soundscapes, emotive lyrics, and innovative songwriting.