Roskamala Shows Off Her True Colors In Latest Video For “Out Of The Maze”

Roskamala’s new “Out Of The Maze” visuals draw inspiration from her personal experiences of feeling like an outsider and not fitting into society. The video portrays characters that represent uniqueness and the challenges of being different. It reflects the Pop artist’s message that whatever path one chooses in life, it will be challenging, but as long as it leads to personal happiness, it’s completely fine. 

The release specifically empowers the LGBTQIA+ community and those who identify as misfits by highlighting Roskamala’s own struggles as a bisexual woman and celebrating the bravery of individuals fighting for their beliefs. The alternate universe depicted in the video represents her various identities and emotions, shedding light on the difficulties of acceptance and finding internal peace. 

Throughout her music and the recent EP, Truth She Told, including “Out Of The Maze,” Roskamala aims to convey messages of hope, self-acceptance, and the importance of allowing space for people who don’t conform to societal expectations.

What was the inspiration behind the concept and visuals of the “Out Of The Maze” music video? 

The visuals and characters of the music video for “Out Of The Maze” are based on my true story of feeling like an alien among family and friends, and not belonging in society. I was born an ‘outside of the box’ thinker. My values are different from what a majority of people worship. I choose to live my life as I am the writer and director of my own movie and trust me it is not easy, especially when you’re one of the minorities. 

I live my life exactly like the lyrics of the song. All the characters represent uniqueness and what it’s like to be different. My experience, it’s extremely challenging to be weird, different and not follow what you were told to do to be normal. The message I’m trying to send is whatever path you choose it’s going to be challenging and that’s life. The inspiration is there are a million ways to be an adult. You don’t have to figure it out right now. As long as you’re on your way to your happy place, that’s totally fine.

How does the new release specifically connect with and empower the LGBTQIA+ community and those who identify as misfits? 

Being a bisexual who used to be a lesbian until 22 years old, was not an easy path. When I was 14 my relationship with my ex-girlfriend was considered weird. We were the only lesbian couple who both looked feminine. I witnessed challenges and feeling excluded by people’s opinions, and some have very strong opinions that it hurt me for being who I am. 

It’s the same in the music industry. You need to fight hard and put in so much effort to be happy and different. It’s not really considered wise to bet on something so risky. Either way, they cause tremendous stress and mental health issues that I’m struggling with. 

There are some people that didn’t make it today and did not wake up today, because of the pressure from society. I have been there and I would like to celebrate all the brave people who are still fighting for what we believe in and tell them that I’m 1000% proud of you.

Could you tell us more about the alternate universe depicted in the video and how it reflects your unique identity and emotions? 

The minute I had the idea for writing “Out Of The Maze” was when I lived with James who was going through a life transition. We woke up every day and got coffee at the same time in the kitchen. We looked at each other, and I said we look like sh*t every day and have absolutely nothing to do. I think we should write a song about it and that’s why the music video was filmed in a house.

I had this thought in my head. “What would it be like if I put all of my identities and all of my alienated feelings into different characters in one house? There’s one character which is the robot representing the combination of me and what would happen if the other identities exclude me as well. I always feel like I am not accepted anywhere. I also find it hard to accept myself sometimes. I think too much about life and the purpose of living. It is an interesting and very delicate problem that humans create chaos in their heads and find it hard to be peaceful internally.

You’re deeply involved in every step of your music video creation, from writing and directing to producing. Can you share your creative process in bringing your unconventional and distinctive style to life?

I am trying my best to connect the video, the lyrics and the production together. I am not good at social media or running the company. Thank God I have professionals to help me with that. But what I’m confident at is creating stories and visuals in my own solitude. The creative process that I used for every step of this project is to give it all 24/7. I used my ‘overthinking’ skill to create every part of it. Even when I was awake or dreaming, I couldn’t shut it off. It took me a year to dedicate my time to turn my negative thoughts into something positive.

How do the lyrics of the single reflect your personal experiences and the themes of feeling like an outcast or a misfit? 

People are born in different societies and environments. I quit my comfortable life, which was full of judgement to search for something more meaningful. A place that I felt like I belonged. I don’t live by my mama’s lessons ever and it’s OK. Not everyone needs to understand your path. All you need is a few people that truly believe in you. 

I felt like an outcast my whole life until now. My lyrics and this EP taught me that anyone can be happy living differently. I am not saying it’s easy, but I can say it’s worth fighting for. I was diagnosed with bipolar when I was 18 and I have known I’m gay since I was six. Obviously, my choices are a box of chocolate. I used to see those traits as my weaknesses, but now it’s 2023. I believe everyone should have a place where they feel they belong.

Can you discuss the overarching theme of your EP, Truth She Told, and how “Out Of The Maze” fits into the narrative of the record? 

The theme of this EP is to encourage people including myself to change our point of view that being vulnerable is a weakness. When thoughts can transform to a positive mindset, that’s when self-love happens. It’s OK not to be OK , it’s OK to be different and it’s OK for us to not share the same values in life. 

I was taught not to show anything dark or personal in public, or even bring your problems to the dining table. But we are all humans, we’re not robots. No one is perfect, and it may be hard out there, but it is even harder to fight alone and in silence.

What messages of hope and purpose do you aim to convey through your music, particularly in “Out Of The Maze” and the other songs on the EP?

I value peace and happiness so much. And I’d like to share this with as many people as possible. The messages are “there are groups of people in this world who don’t feel they belong, who are not feeling as strong and are fighting behind their masks to fit in. It’s a lonely and dangerous world for them.” 

We do not need to understand anything about anyone because most people don’t even understand themselves either, but please leave some space for misfits or outcasts who already find their lives challenging everyday. Give them some space to be happy and basically if you don’t understand us, please leave us alone. There’s no need to shout out your opinions on subjects you barely understand.

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