Rammstein’s Drummer Speaks Out on Till Lindemann’s Allegations

Rammstein’s drummer Christoph Schneider has spoken out for the first time about the sexual assault allegations against the band’s frontman Till Lindemann. In a statement posted on his social media, Schneider expressed his shock and sadness over the accusations and revealed that Lindemann had created his own “bubble” away from the rest of the band.

The Allegations

Lindemann, 57, is currently under investigation by German prosecutors following multiple allegations of sexual misconduct by women who attended his private parties after Rammstein concerts. The first accuser, Shelby Lynn, claimed that she was drugged and propositioned for sex by Lindemann at a pre-show party in Lithuania in 2019. She also alleged that Lindemann had a “sex dungeon” in his hotel room where he invited women to join him.

Since Lynn went public with her story, other women have come forward with similar accounts of being drugged, coerced, or assaulted by Lindemann at his parties. Some of them also claimed that Lindemann filmed them without their consent and shared the videos with his friends.

The Statement

Schneider, who has been playing drums for Rammstein since 1994, said that he was “deeply shaken” by the allegations and that he felt “as if in shock” by the things that were shared on social media and in the press about his singer. He also said that he felt “an ebb and flow of emotions” for his bandmate and crew.

Schneider stated that he did not believe that Lindemann did anything “criminally relevant” or “illegal” at his parties, but he admitted that some things may have happened that were “not ok” by his personal standards. He said that Lindemann had grown apart from the rest of the band in recent years and had formed his own “bubble” with his own people, parties, and projects.

Schneider also clarified that Lindemann’s parties were not affiliated with Rammstein’s official after-show parties and that they had different values and limits. He said that he believed Lindemann when he said that he wanted to give his guests a good time, but he acknowledged that some of them may have felt uncomfortable or out of control in his presence.

Schneider expressed his sympathy and compassion for the women who came forward and said that he felt sorry for them. He also emphasized that every guest at Lindemann’s parties was free to leave at any time and that there was security and medical care available if needed.

Schneider ended his statement by saying that he hoped for a fair and transparent investigation into the allegations and that he wished for peace and healing for everyone involved.

The Fallout

The allegations against Lindemann have caused a major backlash for Rammstein, one of the most successful and controversial metal bands in the world. The band is known for their provocative lyrics, imagery, and stage shows, often involving pyrotechnics, violence, and sexuality.

Rammstein’s label Universal Music has halted all promotion and marketing for the band amid the investigation, according to The New York Times. The band’s website and social media accounts have also been inactive since June 15.

Rammstein was supposed to release their eighth studio album this year, following their 2019 self-titled comeback album that topped the charts in 14 countries. The band was also planning to resume their world tour that was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, it is unclear how the allegations will affect Rammstein’s future plans and reputation. So far, none of the other band members have commented on the situation publicly.


Till Lindemann is a German singer, songwriter, poet, actor, and artist. He is best known as the lead vocalist of Rammstein, a metal band that he co-founded in 1994. He is also a solo artist who has released two albums with Swedish musician Peter Tägtgren under the name Lindemann.

Lindemann is known for his powerful voice, theatrical stage presence, and controversial lyrics. He often sings in German, but also uses other languages such as English, Spanish, French, Russian, and Latin. He has also published several books of poetry and collaborated with various artists such as Apocalyptica, Emigrate, Pain, and David Garrett.

Lindemann was born on January 4, 1963, in Leipzig, East Germany. He grew up in a musical family and was interested in poetry and literature from a young age. He was also a competitive swimmer who participated in the European Junior Swimming Championships in 1978. However, he quit swimming after an injury and pursued a career in music instead.

Lindemann has two daughters from previous relationships and lives in Berlin. He is currently under investigation for sexual assault allegations by multiple women who attended his private parties after Rammstein concerts.