Juliana Hatfield Unveils ELO Cover Album with ‘Don’t Bring Me Down’ Teaser


The prolific singer-songwriter Juliana Hatfield is back with another exciting project – a tribute to the renowned band Electric Light Orchestra (ELO). Hatfield has unveiled her forthcoming covers album, giving fans a tantalizing preview of the record with a rendition of ELO’s classic track, “Don’t Bring Me Down”.

The project sees Hatfield diving headfirst into ELO’s rich catalogue of music, reinterpreting their songs through her distinctive creative lens. The debut track, “Don’t Bring Me Down”, showcases Hatfield’s knack for honoring the original’s essence while infusing it with her own artistic flair. She skillfully maintains the iconic energy of the track, yet presents it in a fresh, new light that’s sure to captivate both new listeners and devoted ELO fans alike.

Hatfield’s choice to cover ELO is a testament to the band’s enduring impact and her admiration for their work. As an influential artist herself, Hatfield adds another layer of depth to ELO’s timeless tracks, demonstrating the endless possibilities in music interpretation. With the album set to be released soon, fans eagerly await to experience Hatfield’s renditions of other ELO classics.

Juliana Hatfield’s ELO covers album is not just an homage to a legendary band, but also a showcase of her artistic versatility and her ability to make beloved music her own. As listeners eagerly anticipate the full album, Hatfield’s take on “Don’t Bring Me Down” serves as a compelling teaser, proving that her interpretations are not just covers, but creative expressions in their own right.