Sam Ryder’s New Release ‘Mountain’ Peaks Ahead of Eurovision 2023 Performance

picture of Sam Ryder

The renowned British singer-songwriter, Sam Ryder, has unveiled his latest single titled “Mountain” on May 12, 2023. This follows the release of his previous hit, “You’ve Got The Love,” which debuted in March.

Ryder first showcased “Mountain” during his UK and Ireland Tour 2023 and is set to perform the song at the highly anticipated Eurovision Song Contest 2023 scheduled for May 13, 2023. Interestingly, the contest’s final round will take place at the Liverpool Arena in Liverpool, United Kingdom, a shift from Ukraine, the 2022 contest’s winner. Ukraine was unable to meet the event’s hosting demands due to security issues linked to the Russian invasion.

Expressing his excitement about returning to the Eurovision stage, Ryder remarked, “It’s an honor to be back amongst the beautiful chaos and to watch the incredible artists perform, all while presenting our special performance.”

The new track was written and produced by Ryder himself, alongside producer Jimbo Barry. Discussing the inspiration behind the song in an interview with METRO, Ryder revealed, “Mountain was inspired by people and their resilience. This whole project since Eurovision and before that has started because of people. They lifted this whole team up.”

Continuing, he elaborated on the song’s message, saying, “We often say that something is a mountain in our path, but it’s completely the other way around. We are the mountain, and down in the valley below is all that we’ve overcome. This performance at Eurovision is meant to signify that while we all have trauma in our life, that does not define our life. It’s about inclusivity without identifying someone by that which has caused them suffering.”