Exclusive: Look Into Mohammed Paika’s Latest Single “Free” & Upcoming Project

Mohammed K. Paika has released his fourth single titled “Free.” Unlike his previous chart-toppers such as “Hold Me Tight,” “For The Rest Of Our Lives,” and “Love,” this latest track delves into the intricate subject of individual freedom. With more than two decades of experience in the music industry, the artist has managed to enthrall global audiences and shows no signs of slowing down.

During our interview, Mohammed Paika discussed the concept of freedom and self-love. He shared his personal definition of “freedom” and how it influences his music. The renowned producer and director also talked about the process of composing and arranging the song, using a grand piano and bass as primary instruments. 

In addition, Paika revealed that his upcoming album, M.H. 1.0, will be released as the first of four future albums and will feature pop, dance, and R&B songs. He also expressed his plans to perform live shows and tours to promote his music and new record.

After the success of your popular love ballads, you have now released “Free,” which focuses more on self-love and the pursuit of personal fulfillment. Could you share with us the process of how you developed the idea for this song and what sources of inspiration influenced its creation?

My song “Free” was written during the pandemic and at the time I had reflected about the concept of freedom as well as what can be achieved through freedom.  Everyone has a different definition of the word freedom. Freedom may mean pursuing your passion, working in a profession you love, living the life you want, or expressing yourself the way you would like to, among many others. For most, freedom to do what we really love is one of our highest priorities. We all have unique challenges and dreams to pursue. “Free” was inspired with this in mind.

Although “Free” retains your recognizable style and sound, it distinguishes itself from your previous releases in both its themes and beats. Can you walk us through the process of how you came to decide on the composition and arrangement for this song?

I wanted the song to have a powerful feel and be subtle at the same time. The lyrics were written first and the tune was developed later.  We decided to use a grand piano and bass as our primary instruments. Later cellos and bells were added as an accompaniment to bring out the song. I also wanted the vocals to have an “airy” and light feel to emulate a sense of “flying in the air”. It took us a month to understand and develop this song.

How do you define the concept of freedom, and how does your personal interpretation influence the music you produce and the creative methods you employ?

For me freedom is the chance to pursue my passion of music wholeheartedly.  I feel free whenever I sit down to write, compose, or perform a song in front of an audience.  My music is heavily influenced by my personal reflections and experiences. Representing a particular song through a visual medium is the true test of creativity.

It appears that Italy holds a significant place in your heart, as your recent music videos have been exclusively filmed there. Could you elaborate on the reason behind this preference, and specifically discuss the impact of Venice’s history and culture in shaping the upcoming video for “Free”?

Venice is known to be one of the most romantic cities in the world. It is a destination unlike any other, with a reputation for romance that goes beyond the Italian capital. In addition, Shakespeare set Romeo and Juliet in Italy. We just love Italian culture and couldn’t have thought of a better place to film our music videos. 

Venice also has a popular history of face masks as well as a costume carnival.  In the past, the masks were a sign of freedom and transgression of all social rules imposed by the Venetian Republic. Later the Carnival had a new role, of an artistic and creative expression, which every year takes place at the Piazza San Marco  “Free” was shot in Venice for this very reason.

In your role as the founder of One Essence Productions, how do you foster an atmosphere of creativity and freedom across the label’s diverse array of music genres?

Our organizational leadership fosters a culture that encourages people to think outside of the box and to go above and beyond their day-to-day tasks.  We pitch an idea within a designated timeframe and provide incentives to get people thinking. We also give our employees the freedom to create.

Can you discuss your upcoming album, M.H. 1.0, and provide insights into its name’s significance, how you determined the tracklist, selected the title, and what listeners can expect from it?

M.H stands for Mohammed and Huma, who is my wife. All my passionate and romantic songs are dedicated to her.  1.0 is the first release of four future albums to be released.  The track list consists of pop, dance and r&B songs with an overall energetic and positive feel and vibe. Listeners will be in for a treat.

Are there any upcoming live shows or performances in your near future? Additionally, do you have plans for a tour or release party to promote your new album?

Yes, I do plan on performances and live shows as well as a tour to promote my songs and album. Please do follow my social media for details.

Listen to “Free” here: