Matty Healy’s 2016 Comment on Taylor Swift Relationship Resurfaces Amid Dating Rumors

picture of Matty Healy

Matty Healy, the frontman of British band The 1975, recently addressed a quote from a 2016 interview where he discussed his feelings about the rumors of him dating pop star Taylor Swift. During the interview, Healy expressed that the idea of him being Swift’s boyfriend made him feel “emasculated.”

The rumors began in 2014 when Healy and Swift were spotted wearing each other’s band merchandise, sparking speculations that they were dating. However, during an interview in 2016, Healy explained that he found it disheartening to be referred to as Swift’s boyfriend, as it seemed to reduce him to a mere accessory in her life. Healy said, “I’m not a man who can be reduced to a mere appendage to Taylor Swift’s life, like some kind of male ‘backpack.'”

Recently, during a conversation on the “Tiny Meat Gang” podcast, Healy revisited this past statement and clarified his perspective. He explained that his initial comment was not meant to belittle Swift or her accomplishments, but rather to express his frustration with the media’s portrayal of relationships.

Healy emphasized that he is a feminist and supports women’s rights, and his comments were not intended to come across as misogynistic. He acknowledged that the quote from the 2016 interview sounded “horrible,” but he wanted to make it clear that his intent was to challenge the media’s tendency to reduce a person’s worth to their romantic relationships.

Both Healy and Swift have moved on from the rumors and continue to thrive in their respective careers. Matty Healy and The 1975 are gearing up for their upcoming tour, while Taylor Swift is enjoying the success of her re-recorded albums and recent accolades.