Eventually Epic Unveils Self-Titled Debut Album: A Diverse & Joyful Labor Of Love

Eventually Epic has released a self-titled debut album that reflects their diverse musical and cultural backgrounds. The record features a variety of genres, including pop, rock, classic rock, folk rock, and even a Hindi song inspired by Bollywood music. The songs cover a range of themes, including longing, empathy, addiction, and following one’s dreams. The band hopes that the new LP will spread joy and love to listeners and showcase their musicality and attention to detail. 

As an emerging band, Eventually Epic also revealed their plans to play a few shows within the US. Their album release show in New York City on May 13th promises to be a dynamic and diverse showcase featuring songs in five different languages, from five countries and five genres. 

Check out the full interview below.

Eventually Epic is finally out, congratulations! How did your diverse musical and cultural backgrounds influence the creation of your self-titled debut album? 

Thank you! The album has been a labor of love for a long time. Our varied musical interests and eagerness to learn and play different genres of music have really come through in the diversity of songs. The various sub-genres of rock (like classic rock, folk rock, and pop rock) are particularly prominent, as well as Indian classical and Bollywood music for our Hindi song.

The new record covers a wide range of styles, including pop, rock, and even a Hindi song that is a throwback to ‘90s era Bollywood. How did you choose which genres to incorporate into the album, and what was the process like for creating a song in Hindi? 

The choice of genres came somewhat naturally – most of our songs ended up covering the wide spectrum of pop/rock that we love and have listened to over the years. We have also listened to plenty of Hindi music growing up, particularly from Bollywood movies, so writing a song in Hindi was not too different from the others – although writing the lyrics was particularly tricky as neither one of us is really a native Hindi speaker. That hasn’t stopped us however, and we have several other Hindi songs in the pipeline, so our next album might be an all Hindi one!

Every track on the album has its own unique story to tell, with some touching on universal themes that will undoubtedly resonate with listeners. Could you please elaborate on the inspiration behind some of the songs and the messages you aimed to convey through them?

The tracks on the album cover a wide range of topics, including longing, empathy, nostalgia, addiction, and following one’s dreams. Many of the songs are inspired by personal experiences or observations; for instance, “Breaking Free” is inspired by our passion for pursuing music as part of our busy lives, and “Grey” is inspired by a past relationship. Many of the songs have an aspect of “duality” that makes them interesting. For instance, “Shoes” is simultaneously a hopeful but also cynical song about war, and “Just a Little” is a romantic song on the edge of ominous as sung by an unreliable narrator.

You’d mentioned before that your music possesses the ability to inspire, unite, evoke, and heal. With regards to your debut album, what are your hopes for the impact it will have on listeners? What do you wish for them to take away from it?

First and foremost, we hope that listeners will enjoy the songs and have fun. We want to use our music and platform to spread joy and love to everyone around us, and we’re just excited to put our debut album out there. As indie artists, we also hope that music lovers and other artists appreciate the diversity and musicality of the songs, the craft and nuances, as well as our almost “mathematical” attention to meter, words, and balance between music and lyrics.

There’s an album release show coming up soon that promises to be an epic night, featuring songs in 5 different languages, from 5 countries, and 5 different genres. How did you select the songs for the setlist, and what can fans expect from the live performance? 

Our album release show in New York City on May 13th promises to be a fun and diverse showcase, featuring songs in 5 languages, from 5 countries and 5 genres, including 6 songs from the album, Bollywood hits, Rock classics (Journey, Heart, Toto) and Pop anthems (Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus)! We’ll be joined by some of our musical friends and collaborators on some songs. We chose our set based on what we thought would make for an engaging and diverse showcase of our interests and abilities. We have garnered a reputation as dynamic live performers who exude raw energy and sheer joy during shows, so we hope it’ll be a fun and entertaining night for the audience!

As a new and emerging band, what are your hopes and goals for the future, both with your music and as a group?

In the near term, we are planning to play a few shows within the US starting with our Album Release Show in NYC on May 13th. We’ve also started on new material, and hope to get in the studio for our next album early 2024. In the long term, we want to our music to spread joy and love, and bring a smile on people’s faces, be it through our wacky covers, eclectic originals or energetic live performances

Listen to Eventually Epic below: