Primus and Tool Collaborate on Charity Cover of “Ænema”

Picture of Les Claypool, Primus, Tool

Primus and Tool teamed up to release a cover of Tool’s hit song “Ænema” for charity. The song, which was originally released in 1996, has been given a unique twist by the American funk metal band Primus. The new version features Les Claypool on bass, Danny Carey on drums, and Adam Jones on guitar. The song is available for purchase on Bandcamp, and all proceeds from the sales will be donated to The Innocent Lives Foundation.

The Innocent Lives Foundation is a nonprofit organization that aims to put an end to child sexual abuse and exploitation. The organization works with law enforcement agencies to identify and apprehend online predators. The Innocent Lives Foundation also provides training to law enforcement officials and the public on how to identify and report suspected instances of child exploitation. By purchasing the Primus and Tool cover of “Ænema,” fans can support a worthy cause and enjoy a unique take on a classic song.

Les Claypool, the frontman of Primus, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating that “I’ve been a fan of Tool since their inception, and have been fortunate enough to play with them on occasion over the years. It’s always been a treat to share the stage with them and this ‘Aenima’ cover is something I’ve been working on with [drummer] Danny [Carey] and [guitarist] Adam [Jones] in the current Tool incarnation for the last month or so. It’s a sincere honor to be a part of this celebration of our mutual love of music.”

Overall, the Primus and Tool collaboration on a cover of “Ænema” for charity is an excellent opportunity for fans to support a worthy cause and enjoy an exciting new take on a classic song. With all proceeds from sales going to The Innocent Lives Foundation, this is a great way to give back while enjoying some great music.