Grimes Totally Supports A.I.-Generated Music

Picture of Grimes

In a recent interview with Billboard, musician Grimes expressed her support for the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in generating vocals for music. Grimes, whose own music often incorporates experimental and futuristic elements, believes that AI-generated vocals offer exciting possibilities for the future of music.

Grimes believes that AI-generated vocals can help to break down barriers in the music industry and provide opportunities for artists who may not have access to traditional recording methods or vocal training. She also notes that AI-generated vocals can offer a level of creative control that is not possible with human vocalists, allowing artists to experiment with different sounds and styles without the limitations of human physiology.

Despite her enthusiasm for the technology, Grimes acknowledges that there are still challenges to be addressed when it comes to creating AI-generated vocals that sound truly authentic and emotionally expressive. She notes that current AI-generated vocals still lack the subtle nuances and inflections that are characteristic of human voices, but believes that this is an area where the technology will continue to improve.

Grimes is no stranger to experimentation and pushing boundaries in her own music, and her support for AI-generated vocals reflects her commitment to exploring new possibilities in the industry. While there may be some skeptics who view the use of AI in music as a threat to human creativity and authenticity, Grimes sees it as a tool that can help to expand the possibilities of what music can be.