Florence And The Machine Bring The Haunting Energy

Picture of Florence Welch, Florence and the Machine

The article discusses Florence and the Machine’s unique music video for their song “Ship to Wreck,” which features mermaids. The video portrays the lead singer, Florence Welch, as a mermaid who is struggling to survive on land. The mermaid theme is not new for the band, as they have often referenced mythology and fairy tales in their music and visuals.

The video’s director, Vincent Haycock, explains that the mermaid represents the “dark side” of Florence’s personality, and the struggles she has faced with addiction and mental health issues. Haycock also describes the video’s visuals as a representation of the “shipwreck” that Florence experienced in her personal life, and the journey she took to heal and recover.

Despite the serious themes portrayed in the video, Welch has stated that she wanted to create something “fun and playful” with the mermaid concept. She explains that she has always been fascinated by mermaids and their connection to the ocean, and wanted to explore that imagery in her music.

Overall, the article highlights Florence and the Machine’s ability to incorporate meaningful themes and storytelling into their music and visuals. The mermaid theme in “Ship to Wreck” adds a unique and symbolic element to the band’s already distinctive style.