Tom Delonge’s Blink-182 Coachella Set Features Singing Tutorial and Humor

Coachella 2023 has made headlines with the news of Tom DeLonge‘s return to the stage, using a vocal double to perform alongside his former band, Blink-182. This unprecedented move has generated excitement among fans and stirred up curiosity about how this unique performance will unfold.

DeLonge, who left Blink-182 in 2015 to focus on his other projects, has opted to use a voice double for the Coachella performance due to vocal strain issues. This decision has created a buzz in the music community, as fans eagerly anticipate the band’s reunion and the innovative approach they will take for this live show. The collaboration between DeLonge and his vocal double is expected to create a memorable experience for festival-goers and serve as a tribute to Blink-182’s legacy.

Coachella 2023, known for its diverse lineup and showcase of cutting-edge talent, is the perfect platform for Blink-182’s unique reunion. The festival has a history of bringing together iconic acts and fostering unforgettable performances, making it an ideal venue for this highly-anticipated collaboration.

Tom DeLonge’s return to the stage with Blink-182 at Coachella 2023, featuring a vocal double, is a testament to the band’s enduring impact and their willingness to push creative boundaries. As fans eagerly await this one-of-a-kind performance, the anticipation surrounding Coachella 2023 continues to build, promising an unforgettable festival experience.

Tom’s speech during ATST
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