John Mayer Considers Ending Solo Career, But Finds Inspiration on Acoustic Tour

Picture of John Mayer

John Mayer’s solo acoustic tour, which recently wrapped up its first leg at the Kia Forum in Inglewood, California, has left fans eager for more. Mayer expressed during multiple between-song moments how the tour has reinvigorated his creative drive, and he is now excited about his career as a solo artist once again. In fact, before the tour, Mayer had doubts about whether his career as a solo artist might be over. He wondered whether he should write songs for other people instead.

Mayer’s monologue before performing the yet-to-be-released new song “Drifting” was heartfelt and revealed a lot about his state of mind. He explained that he wrote this song because he wasn’t sure what his next move was as an artist. He felt that, as he got older, the idea of retiring or disavowing all his work started creeping in more. He said he wrote a couple of songs that were indicative of the idea of trying something new and seeing what would happen. Six months ago, Mayer wasn’t sure what his next move was, but this tour changed everything.

Mayer imagined that the solo tour would be a self-indulgent one-off, where he would play the songs he wanted to play rather than those that were commercially successful. Thanks to the fluid setlist, Mayer can now imagine his next album and even “the next three albums.” This tour has changed everything for him, and he’s grateful to his fans for reminding him what these songs are to him and what they mean to them. Mayer believes that this tour has focused him up, and he wants his fans to take home the message that no matter what they’re working on, they should remember that there are so many other variables in life that are moving, and every day they try the same thing, something will be different about that day, and they will hit it. This is the tour for Mayer, and he is grateful to his fans.

Mayer’s setlist included non-singles, superfan favorites, and some choice covers, including songs by Beyonc√©, Grateful Dead, and Tom Petty. It was a free-flowing night that allowed Mayer to change course on a dime. Being alone on stage showed off his impressive musical talent, including his duet by himself on piano and electric guitar and his impressive slapping acoustic-guitar skills.

The success of the first leg of the tour has led Mayer to extend it, adding 20 more dates starting in September in Hollywood, Florida, and a European leg in 2024. It’s clear that this tour was what both John and his fans needed right now, and everyone is eagerly anticipating the next leg.