Charles D Drops a Firy Remix for ‘Final Chapter’

Picture of Charles D

Charles D, an American DJ and producer, has recently released a fire remix for Mike Macaluso‘s 1999 classic ‘Final Chapter‘, through Drumcode Records. This remix pays homage to Charles D’s roots and his experience growing up in the NYC rave scene during the 90s.

‘Final Chapter’ by Mike Macaluso was first released in 1999 on Dieselgroove and quickly became a classic with its iconic sound signature of a rousing bell sample throughout, which brought many dance fans to a state of delirium.

Charles D‘s remix of ‘Final Chapter’ gives the track a techno treatment that is representative of today’s mainstream techno sound. The producer has shown his talent in creating tracks that can fill a dancefloor, as demonstrated with the release of his epic mix for Adam Beyer‘s ‘Your Mind‘. Mike Macaluso, the mind behind the original ‘Final Chapter’, praised Charles D’s remix and stated that it was able to add a dark techno twist to the original while still keeping the iconic bells and keylines intact.

In Macaluso’s words, “there is no other record label that I would rather this remix be released on”. Charles D’s remix of ‘Final Chapter’ is out now and available for streaming.