Angel Olsen’s New Single ‘Forever Means’ Explores the Concept of Permanence

Picture of Angel Olsen

Indie-folk singer Angel Olsen never seems to slow down. Following the release of her monumental album Big Time last year, which included an accompanying film, Olsen has now announced a new EP called Forever Means. She shared the title track with fans today.

The song “Forever Means” retains the charming twang and intimate, vulnerable atmosphere characteristic of her previous album. Through her emotive crooning, Olsen delves into the fleeting nature of everything: “Forget all I said just look at the way / We are when we’re there together / Each moment arrives and then disappears but the searching goes on / Forever.”

In a press release, Olsen explained the inspiration behind the song: “I was somewhere traveling, stopped for a few days and wandering the city, and I was thinking ‘what does ‘forever’ really mean? What are the things I’m seeking in friendship or love, and how can ‘forever’ be attainable if we’re always changing?'”

The song further explores the concept of forever as Olsen muses: “Forever forever / Forever means always looking / Forever means trying to see / Forever means saying what’s on your mind.” The track is unhurried and thoughtful, accompanied by a cinematic, nostalgic lyric video that perfectly complements the beauty of the music.

Listen to Angel Olsen’s “Forever Means” in the link below and experience her unique take on the meaning of forever.