Check out Indigo De Souza’s new song “You Can Be Mean” with its accompanying music video.

Picture of Indigo De Souza

Indigo De Souza has unveiled a fresh track from her much-anticipated album, All of This Will End, set for release on April 28. The song, titled “You Can Be Mean,” is accompanied by a brand new video and succeeds previous singles “Younger & Dumber” and “Smog.” Check out the video below.

De Souza elaborated on the inspiration behind “You Can Be Mean” in a statement:

“You Can Be Mean” was penned as a reflection of a fleeting yet toxic encounter I had with a manipulative and abusive L.A. model playboy. Despite its brevity, this experience profoundly influenced my perception of self. Prior to this, I had a habit of seeking validation from people who mistreated me and immersing myself in unhealthy situations. I was trapped in the belief that I could help abusive individuals overcome their trauma and teach them to love me the way I deserved.

This song was written when I finally acknowledged that I had the power to prevent harmful behavior from entering my life and recognized the immense importance of safeguarding my body and spirit. I stopped seeking approval from those who didn’t deserve my time, ceased believing it was my duty to assist them, and began genuinely caring for myself. As I shifted my mindset, I started attracting loving, safe, kind, and communicative people into my life. To be loved the way I deserve, I must first love myself in that same manner. Establishing boundaries is crucial. The body is a sacred and delicate entity, deserving of the utmost care and attention.