Chvrches Delivers Emotionally-Charged Rendition of ‘Over’ on ‘The Tonight Show’

Picture of Chvrches

In February, Chvrches launched a new era with the release of their bombastic song “Over” to follow 2021’s high-energy album Screen Violence. They brought that new track to life last night (April 3) in a hypnotizing performance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The performance is cathartic and shimmering as Lauren Mayberry belts powerfully: “So wake me up when it’s over / It’s over / When it’s over / Tell me it was all just a dream.” The 80s influence is exuberant; radiant synthesizers make it an anthem to remember.

In our interview with the band for Screen Violence, the band discussed the influence of the internet on their songs. “I suppose coming of age when the internet is in your hand from the moment you’re born, it maybe gives you a different perspective on certain things,” Mayberry said. “We were talking about that the other day. I’m like, I read something that said that my generation is the only generation that will have had half of their adolescence without the internet and half of it with. So you remember the before and you remember the after, both during that specific coming-of-age time period. I think in a weird way, people my age, we didn’t understand what the internet really was properly.”

Watch their performance of “Over” below.