Fidlar Takes Control of Their Wonderfully Angsty EP ‘That’s Life’

The Los Angeles-based punk rock band, Fidlar, has been captivating audiences for over a decade with their energetic and grungy sound. The band’s latest EP, That’s Life, which explores the challenges of relationships, mental health, and addiction, was born from the experiences and lessons they learned during lockdown. Lead singer Zac Carper lays bare his feelings with lyrics like, “My girlfriend says I lack empathy / Thinks I’m a narcissist and I need gnarly therapy” in the EP opener, “Centipede.” Despite the weighty subject matter, Fidlar’s trademark gritty sound and angsty shouting remain intact, with tracks like “FSU” and “That’s Life” showcasing the band’s energy and irreverence.

In a recent Q&A with Uproxx, the band discussed topics ranging from their musical influences to their weirdest tour experiences. When asked to describe their music in four words, the band responded with “Loud. Fun. Louder. Pissed.” Looking to the future, Fidlar hopes to be remembered as “the greatest music of the last 40 years” and counts Keanu Reeves as a significant source of inspiration. The band also revealed that someone proposed during one of their recent shows, making it a particularly memorable performance.

As for personal preferences, Fidlar’s favorite city to perform in is Portland, and the best meal they’ve ever had was in Catania, Sicily. Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange is an album that the band members know every word to, and The Jam’s 1982 The Gift is their pick for the perfect gift. The weirdest place they’ve ever slept on tour? Under a stranger’s kitchen table next to a litter box.

Through it all, Fidlar remains true to their punk rock roots, with a sound that is as gritty and angsty as ever. With That’s Life, the band continues to explore the ups and downs of life, sharing their experiences with honesty and raw emotion.