Premiere: AKITA’s “The Way It Is” Offers A Glimpse Into The Southeast Funk Scene

Artwork of AKITA's "The Way It Is"

Hailing from Charlotte, the seven-piece band, AKITA, brings back the funk with the latest release “The Way It Is.” The song comes with catchy beats that accentuate the group’s dynamic energy and carefree vibes, creating a musical experience that is both electrifying and irresistibly enjoyable. Providing a sneak peek into their upcoming album, For The Night, this new single builds anticipation among fans who are eagerly awaiting the full-length project.

In the opening verse of “The Way It Is,” AKITA recognizes the difficulty of dealing with life’s unfairness, “I seen em come/ And I seen em go/ I seen the highs and lows/ And then I learned to let it go/ The righteous don’t always win you know’ Life ain’t fair they say/ But then they run off on a vacay.” The chorus echoes the phrase, “that’s the way it is, just the way it is,” underscoring the acceptance of the flawed status quo.

In the following verse, the track explores the challenges of financial struggles, and the feeling of being trapped in a never-ending cycle, while observing others enjoying a carefree life. “The Way It Is” conveys a yearning for a more fulfilling existence, acknowledging that fixating on what others possess can worsen one’s distress. At the core of the song is the theme of striving to comprehend the complexities of the world and its mechanisms. The chorus emphasizes accepting the reality of the situation but also sheds light on the feelings of discontent and disillusionment that arise from it.

AKITA has been a leading figure in the Southeast Funk music scene since 2017, performing at festivals and venues across the region. Drawing inspiration from iconic acts such as Lettuce, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Earth, Wind & Fire, the band has developed a dynamic and electrifying sound that sets them apart from their peers. Their live performances are famous for their unmatched energy and entertainment value, which has earned them an ever-growing fan base. 

Following the success of Go! and After Party, AKITA’s third album, For The Night, will be available on all streaming platforms from April 15, 2023. The vinyl edition is slated to be released in May. 

Listen to “The Way It Is” here: