Manchester Trio, Nightbus, Crafts Haunting Indie Soundscapes for Late Night Listening


Manchester-based trio Nightbus is making waves with their eerie indie sound that is perfect for late-night tales. The group is composed of Olive Rees, Zac Melrose, and Jake Cottier. They recently played at the iconic Band on The Wall venue in Manchester, where they performed their debut single, ‘Way Past Three,’ to an enraptured audience.

Rees, who is the band’s vocalist, guitarist, and synth player, describes their sound as dance-y but with a melancholic and dark side. Melrose, the bassist, further adds that their sound can be described as “electronic post-punk goth chic.” The group cites Joy Division, New Order, The xx, and Massive Attack as some of their influences. They also draw inspiration from the Irish music scene, particularly The Murder Capital and Fontaines D.C.

Despite their musical influences, Nightbus has a distinct sound that captures the eerie and mysterious atmosphere of late-night spaces. Their sound encapsulates the tension between the glamour of a night out and the grittiness of inner-city streets. The band’s name was inspired by Melrose’s nightly journey home from a busy nightclub, where he found solace in the quiet moments of the night bus ride home.

Rees and Melrose met while studying in Manchester, and they later invited Cottier to join them. The trio quickly started writing together and produced a multitude of tracks, enough to make an entire album.

Nightbus’ music is garnering attention for its unique blend of sounds and influences, making them an exciting new addition to the Manchester music scene.