Jungle unveil new single ‘Candle Flame’ and discuss the dynamic and energetic fourth album ‘Volcano’

picture of Jungle

Jungle is back with a new single ‘Candle Flame’ and some exciting details about their upcoming album ‘Volcano’. The duo, comprised of J Lloyd and Tom McFarland, are known for their funky and soulful dance tunes. Their third album, ‘Loving In Stereo’ was released in 2021, and since then, they have been working on new material.

The first taste of their fourth album ‘Volcano’ is ‘Candle Flame’, a track that showcases Jungle’s signature energy and a fusion of disco and soul. The song features the distinctive rhymes of Erick The Architect. J Lloyd, one half of the duo, spoke to NME about the single and said, “I think the single is amazing and it’s one of the best things we’ve ever made. You get a taste of the more subtle approach or the more aggressive approach, and I’d love to just drop the whole thing so everyone can hear that in context.”

The upcoming album ‘Volcano’ promises to be explosive, with the duo pushing their creative boundaries to create something truly unique. “I think it’s more personal, and there’s definitely a few different angles,” J Lloyd explained. “It’s more aggressive and it’s a bit more explosive. We really just wanted to push ourselves and do something that felt different, and that we hadn’t done before.”

Jungle has always been known for their high-energy live shows, and with the release of ‘Volcano’, fans can expect an even more electrifying performance. “It’s going to be bigger and more explosive than anything we’ve ever done before,” J Lloyd said. “We’ve been building up for this moment, and it’s going to be incredible.”

Fans can look forward to the release of ‘Volcano’ on August 5th, and until then, enjoy the infectious energy of ‘Candle Flame’.