Thoom Brings Sultry Vibes to Downtown Grime in ‘The Lights Are Falling Down’

Thoom Embraces Downtown Grime and Raw Attraction in “The Lights Are Falling Down”

Thoom’s latest single, “The Lights Are Falling Down,” reminds us of the exhilaration of passionate make-out sessions in unexpected places like Seward Park. The Lebanon-born artist, now based in New York, brings her unique artistic brand to the city’s downtown grime, where she’s known for producing grungy trip-hop tracks and captivating club performances with acts like The Frost Children and The Dare.

Following the success of her debut album, Pork, which explored her experiences in Beirut, Chicago, and Berlin, Thoom’s newest single previews her upcoming EP, Fantasy for Danger, set to release later this month. Inspired by the Safdie brothers’ film Heaven Knows What, “The Lights Are Falling Down” captures the raw, impulsive attraction depicted in the movie.

Thoom channels her creative prowess and love for experimentation in the mini-erotica music video for “The Lights Are Falling Down.” Dressed in a fur coat and underwear, she crawls around Seward Park, creating a captivating, psychosexual moment that exists solely for the sake of feeling. Thoom’s artistic hand is evident in the video’s raw energy and intimate storytelling, which serve to highlight her ability to express herself and tell a powerful story.

“The documentation is the message,” Thoom explains. “I’m just trying to express what I think is sexy and tell a story.” The result is a captivating and intense visual representation of Thoom’s unique style, which showcases her penchant for chaos and experimentation. To listen to Thoom is to surrender to her creative dominance, and “The Lights Are Falling Down” is no exception to her captivating and intriguing work.