“R3HAB Collaborates with World’s First Global Pop Group on New Single ‘Run Till Dark'”

R3HAB and Now United have once again teamed up to deliver their latest dance-pop single, “Run Till Dark.” The veteran producer, known for his chameleon-esque talent for mastering different styles of music, has fused breezy melodies and a soft, undulating bassline to bring a worldly feeling to another stunning collaboration.

Now United, with its 18 international artists representing many different cultures from around the world, brings a unique and diverse perspective to “Run Till Dark.” The emotive and hopeful lyrics are a reflection of the group’s multicultural background and their desire to spread a positive message through music.

The track is a truly feel-good dance-pop gem, with R3HAB’s signature sound shining through in every aspect of the production. The collaboration showcases the incredible talent of both R3HAB and Now United, with each artist bringing their own unique style and energy to the track.

“Run Till Dark” is a testament to R3HAB’s ability to craft earworms with every collaborator that joins him in the studio. The track is a perfect blend of R3HAB’s electronic sound and Now United’s multicultural influences, resulting in a dance-pop hit that is sure to get any dancefloor moving.

Overall, “Run Till Dark” is a stunning collaboration between R3HAB and Now United, showcasing the incredible talent and creativity of both artists. With its positive message and infectious sound, the track is sure to be a hit with fans of dance-pop around the world.

Listeners can stream “Run Till Dark” on all major streaming platforms and experience the uplifting and diverse vibes for themselves. With such incredible talent and creativity, it’s no surprise that R3HAB and Now United continue to dominate the dance-pop scene.