John Cooper Clarke on the inspiring Arctic Monkeys song “I Wanna Be Yours” receiving a billion streams

John Cooper Clarke

John Cooper Clarke has talked about how the Arctic Monkeys’ music adaption of his poetry, I Wanna Be Yours, helped it become a global hit with billions of listeners.
The Monkeys recreated the punk poet’s 1982 composition from his album “Zip Style Method” for their album “AM” in 2013. Since then, it has expanded its audience on TikTok, and this week, Spotify will surpass one billion streams.
In addition to sharing his first new book of poetry in decades with 2018’s The Luckiest Dude Alive, Clarke most recently published a covers album with ex-The Stranglers member Hugh Cornwell in 2016 titled “This Time It’s Personal.” In a recent interview, Clarke discussed the historic accomplishment.