‘Million’ Puts Larsen Thompson in the Spotlight

Larsen Thompson

Larsen Thompson’s Rise to Stardom as a Dancer, Actor, and Singer

Larsen Thompson’s career as a dancer took off during her teenage years when she performed with top stars like Christina Aguilera, Pitbull, Katy Perry, and Janet Jackson. Her viral YouTube videos, where she danced to popular songs by Beyoncé and Big Sean, quickly made her an internet sensation. As a result, she landed roles in music videos and feature films.

This year, Thompson added pop star to her impressive resume, debuting her first single “Roots” in January and releasing her second single “Million” today. In an interview, the multi-talented artist shared her experiences and aspirations with us.

Thompson’s new single “Million” is a love story inspired by her long-term relationship. She believes music serves as a time capsule of moments in our lives and wants her music to be authentic, which is why she co-wrote her singles from a raw place in her journal.

Thompson has been confident in her vocals and messaging, which has allowed her to work with people she trusts and who understand her vision. Her friend and fellow artist Eden xo has been supportive and instrumental in navigating this new journey.

Thompson is multifaceted and thrives in any opportunity where she can express herself through art. Performing live has been a part of her life since she was young and has shared the stage with top stars. She plans to play as many shows as she can when her EP comes out.

Thompson has also recently worked on a movie called “Horrorscope” that will soon be exclusively in theaters. The film, produced by Screen Gems/Alloy Entertainment by Sony Pictures, is based on Alloy’s novel of the same name by Nicholas Adams.

Overall, Thompson is a talented artist who hopes to encourage others to pursue their passions and never limit themselves.