VanJess Announces Their Breakup

VanJess, the R&B singing sisters, have announced their split, leaving many fans saddened by the news. The duo first gained recognition by posting song covers on YouTube before gaining attention from the music industry and signing a record deal with Keep Cool / RCA.

Despite having a loyal following, the duo has been referred to as “underrated,” but their talent and passion for music cannot be denied. Now, after many successful years together, the sisters have decided to embark on different journeys, leaving fans with heavy hearts.

In a heartfelt letter to their fans, Jess wrote, “The truth is, about 8 months ago my sister decided to step away from VanJess. I fully support and respect my sister in pursuing what makes her the happiest.” Jess expressed her gratitude for their fans’ love and support over the years, from recording covers in their bathroom to fulfilling their wildest dreams.

Although the news is disappointing, the sisters’ decision has given Jess the opportunity to create music of her own. She has spent the last few months working on a project that she is excited to share with her fans. With her sister’s blessing, Jess will continue to share her journey with her followers and expressed her hope that they will stay with her.

Jess signed the letter as Amaka, which is a nod to their Nigerian heritage and possibly a hint of a rebranding for her own endeavors. Although the news of VanJess’s split is bittersweet, it is clear that the sisters will continue to pursue their passion for music in their own ways, leaving a lasting impact on the R&B genre.