DEVAULT Releases New Single “Get to You” and 360-Degree Warehouse Experience

Devault and Griff Clawson have been making waves with their previous releases “Leave Me Low” and “You and Me Now,” garnering almost 25 million streams between them. Their latest offering, “Get To You,” promises an ethereal experience for all listeners.

The new track was debuted during Devault’s headline show in LA, and fans can expect it to be a popular choice among the crowd. Devault has been having a big year, producing a string of new tracks and sharing the stage with top artists like ZHU, DJ Snake, and San Holo.

His most significant headline show to date was held at the 1720 Warehouse in Los Angeles, where he was joined by special guests Manila Killa, Zhu, Linus Hablot, and Izzy Camina. The event was documented and provides a glimpse into Devault’s dark, grungy, and sexy vibe.

What set the show apart was the unique and creative idea to incorporate a 360-degree experience for the audience. This allowed them to immerse themselves fully in the music and feel like they were part of the show. It was an innovative move that added another layer of excitement to the already electrifying performance.

With “Get To You,” Devault and Griff Clawson continue to push boundaries and offer a fresh take on electronic music. The dreamy and ethereal soundscape they create is a testament to their exceptional talent and creativity. It’s a track that invites listeners to close their eyes and get lost in the music.

As the release date of the track approaches, fans can expect more exciting news and updates from Devault. The anticipation for his debut album is growing, and it’s clear that he has a lot more in store for his fans.