Watch the music video for MC Yallah’s latest single ‘Yallah Beibe’ on Hakuna Kulala

cover art of MC Yallah's "Yallah Beibe"

MC Yallah has unveiled the title track of her forthcoming album, ‘Yallah Beibe’, along with an accompanying music video. The track is produced by Japanese artist Shigge, also known as Scotch Rolex, and follows the release of the lead single ‘Sikwebala’. The full album will be released by Hakuna Kulala on April 14th.

In addition to Shigge, ‘Yallah Beibe’ features production from Debmaster, with whom MC Yallah has worked on numerous occasions, as well as Nyege Nyege Tapes associate Chrisman. The album promises to showcase MC Yallah’s unique style of blending her native Swahili language with sharp lyrics and incendiary delivery, creating a powerful and dynamic sound that bridges the gap between traditional African music and modern electronic beats.

The music video for ‘Yallah Beibe’ is a stunning visual representation of MC Yallah’s artistry, featuring colorful and vibrant visuals that complement the track’s lively beat and infectious melody. The video showcases MC Yallah’s magnetic stage presence, as she delivers her lyrics with confidence and style.

With the release of ‘Yallah Beibe’, MC Yallah continues to solidify her place as one of the most exciting and innovative artists in East African music. Her unique blend of traditional sounds and modern production techniques has earned her a dedicated following and critical acclaim, and ‘Yallah Beibe’ promises to be another highlight in her already impressive career.

Watch the video for ‘Yallah Beibe’