Obli Unveils Upcoming EP and Drops Groovy Track “Another Man”

Obli, a rising artist from LA, had an eventful week as he played his first-ever festival, released a new single, and announced his upcoming EP, all in a span of seven days. The multi-talented producer’s love for music and diverse discography has continued to win hearts, and his latest offering, “Another Man,” is no exception.

“Another Man” opens with an R&B sample that’s cleverly chopped up to fit the rhythm of bright piano chords, establishing the main progression of the track. The song then moves into a series of dance-forward drops, with tropical percussion and a tight house groove guiding the listener. The main vocal chop, singing “Another man… couldn’t touch me,” continues to make appearances throughout, adding melodic variety to Obli’s arrangement.

Following the track’s release, Obli made a special announcement, revealing that his EP titled “it’ll all be oki” is set to release on April 14th. He shared his excitement about the project, saying it’s been in the works for a while, and he can’t wait for it to be out. He also expressed his gratitude to his fans, who have been listening to his music and supporting him throughout his journey.

Obli’s music has been gaining traction in the EDM scene, and fans are eagerly awaiting the release of his EP. With his unique style and passion for music, it’s clear that Obli is one to watch in the coming years.