Listen to T.I.’s Latest Release “Active” Featuring Kevin Gates

T.I. and Kevin Gates

After taking a break from the music scene, T.I. has finally returned with a new single that is sure to get fans buzzing. The rapper has teamed up with Kevin Gates for the release of “Active,” a hard-hitting track that is likely to be a crowd-pleaser at EDM festivals and concerts.

While T.I. has been relatively quiet in terms of music releases, he has been making headlines for his recent feud with Boosie Badazz. Many of the lyrics in “Active” seem to address this feud, but it’s worth noting that an earlier version of the song leaked a year ago, so it’s unclear whether the lyrics were specifically written with Boosie in mind.

Regardless of the inspiration behind the lyrics, “Active” is a standout track that showcases T.I.’s incredible lyrical skills and Kevin Gates’ dynamic vocal range. The production is top-notch, with an energetic beat that is sure to get fans dancing and moving.

With “Active,” T.I. has proven that he still has what it takes to be a force in the music industry. The track is a testament to his creativity and versatility as an artist, and it’s sure to be a hit among fans of EDM and hip hop alike. Whether it appears on his upcoming album, “Kill The King,” or not, “Active” is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates great music.

In conclusion, T.I.’s new single “Active” featuring Kevin Gates is a strong return for the rapper and a track that is sure to appeal to fans of both hip hop and EDM. With its hard-hitting beats, dynamic vocals, and powerful lyrics, “Active” is a standout release that showcases T.I.’s continued relevance and importance in the music industry. Whether it’s included on his upcoming album or not, “Active” is a track that is not to be missed.