Hitmaka Claims Radio Dominance: “I’m Hotter Than Hit-Boy”


Hip-hop fans were in for a treat when Hitmaka and Jim Jones appeared on the Ebro in The Morning show on Hot 97 to promote their upcoming joint album, Back in My Prime, which is set to release on March 10th. During the show, the two rappers touched on a range of topics, including their relationship, chemistry, and their respective ventures.

One of the more interesting moments of the interview came when Ebro brought up how Hitmaka and Hit-Boy have similar names and are both doing great in the industry right now. Hitmaka, who is known for producing hits for artists like Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, and Chris Brown, immediately interrupted and claimed that he’s hotter than Hit-Boy.

Hitmaka explained that he has more songs on the radio and has a greater appeal to the mainstream audience. While he gave props to Hit-Boy for his talent, he argued that his own music has more reach and impact, making him the hotter artist.

This claim sparked a debate among fans about which artist is truly hotter, with some siding with Hitmaka and others supporting Hit-Boy. It’s clear that both artists are talented and successful in their own right, but Hitmaka’s argument for mainstream appeal and radio dominance is certainly compelling.

During the interview, the two rappers also discussed the possibility of a VERZUZ battle between them, a popular online series where two artists go head-to-head and play their hits. Hitmaka expressed interest in participating, but Jones seemed hesitant, citing their close friendship as a potential barrier.

Overall, the interview offered an interesting glimpse into the minds of two successful hip-hop artists as they prepare to release their joint album. Fans of both Hitmaka and Jim Jones will undoubtedly be excited to see what they have in store on Back in My Prime.