Exclusive Interview With Stunning Talent cool girl island – New Single “do not disturb” (airplane mode)

NY-based singer-songwriter, cool girl island, switches to airplane mode in her latest single “do not disturb.” Following “inside (out)” and  “forever stay never,” the independent artist returns with an Electro-R&B track that embraces spending quality time alone. The emerging talent refuses to jeopardize her inner peace and asks her on-again-off-again partner to stay gone. We had a chance to ask her a few questions about her new single, start in music, inspirations, influences, and much more!

Hi cool girl island!

How did it all start for you in music? What sparked your desire to become an artist? 

I have more of a desire to create rather than become an artist. To invent an artist is another form of art that I haven’t quite mastered yet. But I was definitely influenced by the people around me and generally speaking, I’m always looking to pick up new hobbies. 

How did “do not disturb” (airplane mode), your latest single, come to life? What’s the main message behind it?

“Do not disturb” is a reminder that we’re all good on our own. Like yes, it’s nice to have company, but if it comes at the expense of our sanity, let it go. I want more people to take themselves out on a date. It acts as a reminder that if you could treat yourself better than that potential partner, maybe you don’t need them after all. I am always an advocate of self-reliance. 

How would you sonically describe your music, and in particular your new single?

I haven’t quite found my “genre” yet as I’m just starting out, but I tend to give songs a lullaby swing. The feeling of floating on water. I guess sonically my music sounds like a lazy afternoon or 2 am night-in by yourself. 

Which artists have inspired you throughout your life? How do these influences translate into the music you create? 

I really love jazz, but I haven’t been listening to as much jazz lately. I really enjoy afrobeats artists like Wizkid, Burnaboy, and Tems. I’m so envious of her full-bodied voice, it’s so mesmerizing. It’s fun to experiment with your voice, it gives your song a surprise texture. 

Are you more of a recording artist, a performer, or both?

I actually had to google this and I would say I’m more of a recording artist. As of now, I’m still inexperienced in the performance aspect of music. I just enjoy writing. 

What’s your favorite track from your own music?

My favourite track from my released songs would be “do not disturb” but my favorite track of mine currently is in the making. Hope you stay tuned for future releases. 

What’s your favorite song by other artists this year?

I actually really enjoyed d4vd’s Here With Me. It’s so simple, nostalgic, yet powerful. It gives you feelings that linger. 

Besides music, what are some of your favorite activities, hobbies or passions?

Quite frankly, my favorite activities are constantly changing. But I enjoy taking walks, biking, skating, and just moving and exploring wherever I am. If I’m feeling lazy, I like grinding coffee, baths, massages, short reads, music, and a lot of puppies. The only hobby that most people like that I absolutely don’t is drinking. I really don’t enjoy drinking. I’ll happily stay sober for my remainder of life. 

What’s next for cool girl island?

To be honest, cool girl island is still a mystery to me. I’m open-minded in terms of direction. I want it to be somewhere I visit, but not reside in. Something that is me enough that I have an attachment to it, but embellished enough that I could see her from the outside. 

Thank You!