Everything But the Girl Introduce Second Single From Fuse: “Caution to the Wind”

Everything But the Girl

Following “Nothing Left to Lose,” Everything But the Girl return with the second song from their comeback album Fuse. The track is called “Caution to the Wind” and conveys a simple but powerful message: “Seize the day and enjoy the time you have.”

Vocalist Tracey Thorn said in a press release, “Lyrically, ‘Caution to the Wind’ is a simple song about arrival and seizing the moment, so with the music we tried to capture the feeling of a perpetual point in time.” 

Ben Watt also added, “I let the words quickly collapse and loop inside the production. The drums emerge and repeat, and everything then starts to unfold in cycles of anticipation and release. I guess it’s just classic nightclub tension and euphoria.”

In the lyrics, Thorn sings: “All the stars align/ Shimmer and shine/ I’ve waited all my life/ For such a night/ Out here in the dark/ A cloud across the stars/ The sky is a cathedral/ And I’m home/ Home to be with you/ Home to be near you/ Home to be with you/ Home to be near you/ Caution to the wind/ Let me in/ Caution to the wind/ Let me in, let me in, let me in.”

Fuse is set to come out on April 21. The married couple, Thorn and Watt, worked together with engineer Bruno Ellingham and recorded the follow-up to Temperamental at a small studio outside Bath, England. 

Watch the lyric video for “Caution to the Wind” here: