The National Collaborate With New Order For Latest Single “New Order T-Shirt”

The National

American Rock band The National dropped a new music video for the single “New Order T-Shirt” from their upcoming anticipated album First Two Pages of Frankenstein. The group also partnered with Manchester icons New Order on a limited edition T-shirt collection.

In a statement, founding member Aaron Dessner says: “To me the line ‘I keep what I can of you’ means something about everyone I’ve ever known or loved. There’s a simplicity to ‘New Order T-Shirt’ that reminds me of our earlier records, but with the full maturity and experience we have now. It feels like a really important song for the future of our band.”

“New Order T-Shirt” represents the desire to hold on to physical objects; the only thing remaining from old relationships and leftover memories, “I keep what I can of you/ Split second glimpses and snapshots and sounds/ You in my New Order t-shirt/ Holding a cat and a glass of beer/ I flicker through/ I carry them with me like drugs in a pocket/ You in a Kentucky aquarium/ Talking to a shark in a corner.”

The National’s First Two Pages of Frankenstein comes out April 28 via 4AD. It includes collaborations with Taylor Swift, Sufjan Stevens, and Phoebe Bridgers. 

Watch the official video for “New Order T-Shirt” here: