Chris Hemsworth Provided An Exceptional Experience For A Fan Who Could Easily Pass For His Doppelganger

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth engages in a friendly Twitter conversation with his purported “lookalike,” which is a nice touch. Hemsworth most recently played the title character in Marvel’s Thor: Love and Thunder, a role he has held since 2011’s Thor. Hemsworth and Miles Teller co-starred in the Netflix criminal drama Spiderhead last year. Hemsworth recently responded to a humorous message from a fan who claimed to be a doppelganger of him on Twitter.

The fan, Justin, joked on social media while posting a side-by-side photo of Hemsworth and himself, “A bunch of girls told me I look just like Chris Hemsworth.” Hemsworth personally retweeted the message and concurred, jokingly accusing the poster of “posting himself twice.” Justin would later react to Hemsworth’s response by saying, “Chris Hemsworth just called me sexy I’m never going to fail.”

What’s On The Horizon For Chris Hemsworth’s Career?

Hemsworth’s support of his “lookalike” is a kind touch on his part, but it is not out of the ordinary for the actor. Co-stars have noted that, in addition to his talent, Hemsworth is a really kind guy. When asked about Thor: Love and Thunder, co-star Natalie Portman characterized him as “genuinely nice” from the beginning. Additionally, he has a reputation for being very friendly to fans online. Early last year, he thanked them for their support of Thor’s Marvel Cinematic Universe voyage.

The future of Hemsworth in the MCU is currently unknown. Taika Waititi, the director of Thor: Ragnarok and Love and Thunder, has hinted that he has plans for several further Thor tales. Hemsworth, on the other hand, has made hints that the Thor movie franchise may soon be coming to an end. Hemsworth’s statement and Waititi’s rising workload in recent years may make Thor 5 and any further sequels less feasible. But according to Marvel, Thor will come back.

Hemsworth will continue to keep himself occupied in the years to come, Thor or no Thor. In addition to appearing as a mysterious villain in George Miller’s Mad Max origin narrative Furiosa, he will shortly star in the upcoming Netflix thriller sequel Extraction 2. Whatever Hemsworth’s future holds, he will surely continue to interact with his followers online as he did in this Twitter conversation.