Luigui Bleand Confirms New Single & Talks About Recent Release “Mueve Eso”

Renowned producer Luigui Bleand’s recent collaboration, “Mueve Eso,” ft. fast-rising Dembow artist La Perversa, has made quite a buzz with its enticing music video. The Dominican-Haitian artist reveals the inspiration behind it and announces that he has a new single coming up called “Zumba.”

Read the full conversation below.

“Mueve Eso” is FIRE! Congratulations on its release! How was the song made and what pushed you to do it?

Actually, I was in the studio, I was smoking and drinking with a friend, that’s when we started talking, she told me some stories about being in London with some dark-haired people smoking and drinking and that’s where the topic of “Mueve eso” came up. That’s how it came about, it’s a very street song, and I think that’s why it’s been so well received because people like the street.

You collaborated with La Perversa on this one! Who contacted whom first? And what was it like to work with her?

It was mere coincidence, I already had the track in the studio. We got together, I showed it to her and she really liked it. Then the chemistry happened and we made that hit. Working with her was excellent, she is the best when it comes to working.

The music video has already surpassed a million views. How did you come up with the idea of the visuals? Can you share some behind-the-scenes stories with us?

I traveled with my wife to Brazil and that’s when it occurred to me. I had already thought about it a bit and that’s why I went to Brazil, because I wanted to get to know the environment and try to conquer that market and that’s when the idea of ​​making a video with a very underground Brazilian atmosphere came to me.

Why did you decide to travel to Brazil for the shooting of the video? What was that experience like? 

Because I had to see with my own eyes how Brazil really is, I wasn’t going to do it from any other perspective than that.

Your upcoming album, Pandora,  is in the works. We already know that the hit single “Lo’ Prieto” is part of the tracklist. Will “Mueve Eso” be on the record as well? Or will it stay as a separate project? 

“Mueve eso” will be a bonus track from the Pandora Album, it has a theme that has been very well received. We are preparing that mega album called Pandora and “Mueve Eso” will be as a Bonus track.

When is “Copa Cabana” coming out? Are there any other singles to be released soon?

“Zumba” is coming out this month. The month of February with Yomel El Meloso ft Tivi Gunz, who are Dominican artists. They are very talented and I think we did a great job with the track.

Who are some of the new up-and-coming artists that have caught your attention? Are you collaborating with any new names on the anticipated album?

I am seeing certain artists in development, certain artists that are emerging, since I am a producer, I am observing how it develops, in the approximate time and then as a producer you decide if you want to collaborate with them. You first let the artists develop well and then you make the decision to collaborate with the artist.

Watch the official music video for “Mueve Eso” on YouTube:

Listen to “Mueve Eso” here: