Ep!K Extracts & Shares His Most powerful Essence In New Album The Onset Of Agnosthesia

Ep!K is back treating fans with his most powerful music-making skills in his latest album – The Onset Of Agnosthesia. Packed with ten tracks, this much-anticipated album was announced with the release of the first single “Dancing By Myself”, a song centered around expressing the multiple layers arising from loneliness. His first album was titled The Message That Never Got Sent, and was released in 2021. 

The vocalist, sound engineer, and producer, is adept at fusing electronica, Alt-R&B, and Hip-Hop together, a daring sonic approach that successfully creates an entirely new genre on its own. 

Not only can Ep!K play several instruments like the piano, guitar, drums, and saxophone, but he also has the knowledge of mixing and mastering. 

“I use music as a portal into my mind and world, and I also use it as a telephone to speak to those with whom I have experienced something. My music intends to perceive the world from my personal perspective and how it relates to you as the listener,” Ep!K shared describing his approach to music. 

We are delighted to present Ep!K’s new album to our audience, as we know that so many music enthusiasts out there are avidly curious to discover young and talented emerging artists.