“Fresh” Ending Explained: Warning! Spoilers Ahead…

Sebastian Stan

Although its finale may need some explanation, Fresh is a horror-comedy for the internet dating era. Here’s how it ends. Daisy Edgar-Jones portrays the perpetually single Noa, and Sebastian Stan plays her adorably adorable new lover, Steve. Like many other young women, Noa feels disappointed with the experience of internet dating. 

When viewers see her for the first time, she is on a disastrous date with a man she found through a dating app; he criticizes the waiter, talks down to her clothing, and even takes the meal that he had her pay for herself. She laments her lack of dating success to her closest friend Mollie (Jonica T. Gibbs), who advises her to adopt a careless attitude.

Soon later, Daisy Edgar-Jones’ character meets Steve, played by Sebastian Stan, in the supermarket, and since he appears like a lovely and charming guy, she decides to give him her phone number. 

They immediately click and begin dating, but after she goes on a spontaneous vacation with him over Mollie’s objection, she finds out that he is a human butcher and that he intends to cook her. Not only is Steve a cannibal, but he also kidnaps women, slices off parts of their bodies, and keeps them alive as long as possible to “keep the meat fresh” before selling it.

Noa, Mollie, and Penny (Kim’s Convenience actress Andrea Bang), who is one of the hostages taken by the unstable Steve, who is really a guy named Brendan, must flee for their lives from him. 

The Hulu streaming movie Fresh features a few really gory sequences that are simply nauseating, but it counters the blood and guts with humor and charm, much like the antagonist in the movie. The resolution of Fresh reveals how Steve’s victims survive.

Noa is at the grocery store when Steve first meets her, and she is standing next to a sign that says “fresh meats,” as was revealed in the Fresh ending. Noa is precisely the kind of person that Steve targets, using a strategy akin to Sweeney Todd, who transforms his victims into meat pies, even if this is only a tongue-in-cheek hint to his intentions—finding fresh meat at the grocery store. 

She informs Steve that no one will be searching for her on their first date because she has no relatives because her father has died away and she is separated from her mother.

Additionally, Steve checks to ensure that Noa hasn’t disclosed anything about him and appears content that she has just informed Mollie, her best friend, that she met a guy. Noa discovers Penny, the lady Steve was keeping in the cell next to hers, was enticed similarly and doesn’t have anyone in her life to raising the alarm when she goes missing when she is being held prisoner at Steve’s cabin in the woods. Steve makes a career out of being a “human butcher” because he targets ladies who few people would overlook.