Exclusive: Carsn. Digs Deep Into His Debut Album Mixed 3motions


Fast-rising rapper, Carsn, who recently debuted his highly-anticipated album Mixed 3motions, had a lovely chat with Stereo Saints.  The Hip Hop artist shared his favorite song from the 14-track record, which introduces exciting new songs, and includes the popular singles “Rip Away” and “General Gentleman.” 

From the name to the tracklist, Carsn. Breaks down each and every detail of the album, describing the emotional and mental state he was in while creating it. He also talks about his musical inspirations and reveals that he has already started working on new music.

Read the full interview below.

Congrats on the release of your debut album Mixed 3motions! We were expecting a 12-track record and you surprised us with two more songs! How did you decide on the tracklist and which one is your favorite?

“General Gentleman” and “Dreaming On My Side” were both pre-releases for this album. I wasn’t going to add these two, but felt they were the final pieces to the other 12. I decided on the track list just by going back and listening to what I’ve created. After listening for a few weeks, I got a better idea of what flows together and what doesn’t. Sometimes when I’m making a song I tend to pause about halfway through and begin another one just because I have so many ideas I want to get down. Some ideas and emotions will flow into the next song depending upon when I created it, and that’s kind of how I start putting the tracks together. 

My favorite right now Is “Come Alive 4 Me.” It was a different vibe I was trying out and a different voice I used on this track. I’m all about trying to find new flows, voices, beats that just sound different, but are still ME. Sometimes it doesn’t always come out the way you want but that’s just kind of the downside of using that approach, and for this song it worked out great in my opinion. That’s what I’ve been obsessed with doing recently, pushing the boundaries to come up with new sounds. 

Do you remember your mental and emotional state when you first started working on the album? How have you evolved during its creation and after it?

It’s hard to say an exact emotion, because it was so all over the place, that’s why the title is Mixed Emotions after all. I think by trying new things I was able to come away from all these songs with a new perspective. I will say I have never once made a project and looked back at it and thought it was amazing. As an artist you tend to hear the songs you make so many times that you start to hate it by the time it comes out because you’ve had time to critique it over and over again. It’s not really something many think about but it’s something that I’ve had a hard time with before this release. So, I’d say that I’ve evolved a bit in this area by learning to remember what the feeling was like after the first time I heard the final copy of a song and just move forward to the next one. 

In other words, I’ve learned to not overthink what I’m putting out and just be myself because that’s what listeners want to hear. They want to hear the real authentic emotions of a person. Some people try too hard to be different and fail to realize that just being themselves is different. I try to remember that as I’m creating.

Why is it titled Mixed 3motions? What kind of feelings and emotions led you to record this album? What do you want the public to take away from the record?

A whole range of emotions, probably every emotion you can imagine. That was the idea behind the title. I hope people hear it and are able to get an idea of who I am and the story behind each song. More than anything I just hope people can vibe to it in the car late at night while driving, that’s how I viewed listening to it while making it.

We’ve noticed that you have replaced the letter “E” with “3”! Is there a personal meaning behind the change or was it more of an artistic decision?

It was both, but also because we associate the word 3 with “<3”, or love.

Who was your musical inspiration for Mixed 3motions? Can you name a few artists who have influenced your overall sound?

Right now, I’d say my top 5 artists who have had the biggest impact on me are Smino, Yung Lean, Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller, and Channel Tres. I admire them because they aren’t afraid to push the boundaries of music and they all have created their own genre in a way.

You’ve experimented with Southern Pop, Hip Hop, and Alternative styles. Are there any genres you would like to explore more in the future?

I would like to get into as many genres as I can. I enjoy the challenge and I admire anybody who can successfully do it. Right now, I’m really into alternative and EDM music. Next week it could be something completely different.

What kind of expectations do you have from your debut album? Are there any upcoming singles or projects that will be released soon?

My expectations are that I hope everyone can give it a listen and give honest feedback. I love authentic reactions from listeners of my music, and I’ll be the first to agree with you and understand where you’re coming from if a song isn’t good. I’m probably harder on myself than anybody could ever be to me, but in a weird way it has helped me. With that said my mind is already on the next batch of songs coming up. I plan to release singles for the next year and focus on growing a fanbase. It’s a special thing to have others interested and waiting for your releases, I’m grateful for each and every listen that anybody gives me.

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